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Women in STEM lead dynamic lives. From bench work to teaching, advising to committee meetings—they need clothes that can keep up. AmorSui is the first line of apparel made to match these unique demands. Engineered for durability, designed for comfort, and styled for for beauty, AmorSui empowers women to confidently blaze their own path.

Beau Wangtrakuldee

Founder & CEO

Beau was inspired to start AmorSui after an unexpected chemical spill. Gathering her initial momentum through crowdfunding, she brought together a team of woman scientists and fashion designers to create clothes that met both lab safety and business professional standards. Beau manages the day-to-day operations, including product development & design strategy and managing partnerships with universities, industry members, and nonprofit organizations. She brings experience in business, IP law, leadership management, and organization building. As a woman scientist, she also brings an irreplaceable perspective to the company.

Our Vision

Supported by women who want better options

No woman should have to choose between safety and credibility when she gets dressed in the morning. But, existing protective clothing isn’t made to fit women’s bodies…and makes women appear unprofessional. We empower women in STEM by providing comfortable, professional, attractive clothing that provides another layer of protection against lab hazards such as chemical spills or fires. AmorSui aims to help all women in STEM look and feel confident, all day long.

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AmorSui Team

Our all-woman team came together to make a difference for women in STEM.

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