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Beau Wangtrakuldee

Founder & CEO

Beau brings experience in business, intellectual property, leadership management, organization building, and perspective as a female scientist.

Beau manages the day-to-day operations including overseeing marketing efforts and customer outreach, providing strategic recommendations regarding product development and design, cultivating strong and effective partnerships with universities, industry members, and non-profit organizations, representing the company and raising funds from investors, and all other administrative duties.

LeLe Tran

Lead Fashion Designer 

Lele contributes toward innovative fashion design of the Chimie line and advises the team regarding garment development using her 15 years of experience in the industry. She is the founder of US*US, a co-op that brings together designers to share creative ideas. Lele also served as an adjunct professor in technical design at Moore College of Arts for numerous years. She is well known for her patented zipper scarf, a multi-functional scarf that is unisex and can be worn in a variety of fashionable styles.

Deanna Wedge

Fashion Designer

Deanna contributes toward the design and development of theBioleta line. She is a recent graduate of Jefferson School of Fashion Design, one of the top fashion schools in the world. She provides industry perspectives from her experience working with Urban Outfitters.

Meitong Yan

Fashion Designer Intern

Meitong is a third-year student of Jefferson School of Fashion Design. She is leading the design and development of a novel fastener used in our clothing lines.

Patrick Tapales

Media Content Producer

Patrick has experience creating content and media for retail clothing stores within the Philadelphia area. His clients include Ps & Qs, a family owned men’s boutique in the Queen Village area of Philadelphia. He is our main photographer and content creator, providing advice and execution on garments’ presentation through photos and videos.

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