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After an unexpected chemical spill in the lab, a team of women scientists and fashion designers joined forces to design AmorSui. Tailor-made for the dynamic lives of women at work, AmorSui means “self-love.” Created to empower women both in and out of the workplace, each piece offers protection and comfort while adhering to classic professional aesthetics. The AmorSui woman is fierce, sophisticated, and capable. She asks big questions with groundbreaking results. She’s taking on the world and making a difference.

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Look Sharp

From the bench to the boardroom

Chemical & Fire-Resistant

Ideal for scientists

Antimicrobial and Hazardous Spill Protection

For biologists and medical professionals

Protect + Empower

Perfect for women at work

Safety With Confidence And Poise

Protect Your Best Asset

Our solution to ordering personal protective gear for women in your team. Receive special tiered savings on functional, safety certified, engineered for a fit PPE through Thermo Fisher Scientific or our group ordering platform.

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