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Inspired by an unexpected chemical spill accident, AmorSui was designed collaboratively by women scientists and fashion designers to fit the dynamic lives of women in STEM. Created to empower women both in and out of the lab, each piece offers protection and comfort while adhering to classic professional aesthetics. The AmorSui woman is fierce, sophisticated, and competent. She asks big questions, with groundbreaking results. She is taking on the world…and making a difference.

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Look Sharp

Whether you’re at a bench or in the boardroom

Chemical & Fire-Resistant

Our Chimie Line is ideal for chemists

Hazardous Spill Protection

We made the Bioleta Line for biologists and medical professionals

Protect + Empower

Perfect for women in STEM

We Are A(r)morSui(t)

Every trailblazer needs gear that's as strong as she is. AmorSui isn't just about safety. We're also about tackling each new challenge with confidence and poise.

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